Meanwhile, I take the opportunity to thank my Pak Haji Syofyan Nadar for letting me know and introduced into the journey of this wonderful cat. Some masters claim that a lot can be said about a person from how he practices his style, creating a link between how to practice martial art and how you will lead your life.

Every detail is important … every effort is a step forward. Silat means applying what we have learned in training, but you will find many masters who have their personal philosophy on the word.

Each style of Silat has its own formal curriculum, history and tradition, some are covered by total secrecy others are open to the public. The term Harimau in ancient Indonesian means TIGER, and the fighters of this style are inspired by the instinct, the movements and the strength of this fantastic feline.

Brutal, wild and unpredictable are those that best describe the extreme effectiveness and damage of the Harimau system techniques: breaks, grips, rolls and finalizations that annihilate every opponent.

The style is extremely bloody, in fact like the tiger when it attacks it grabs its prey to eat it, so the wrestlers grab their opponents (often for the face and the throat) and, through a particular system of projections and blows, they destroy them.

The Harimau is very much based on real combat, it foresees defenses against several armed opponents and not, and often trapping and submission techniques are used, used to reach positions of superiority in order to “tear” the parts of the opponent. these crimes include: the genitals, the carotid artery and the eyes. Every serious style of the Silat world prepares the student to face different opponents.

In an individual and couple training, the student will always remain on the alert, bearing in mind also the possibility of facing more people together. Silat practitioners use the whole body to perform levers, to attack the joints or to strike.

In Silat Harimau, most techniques are combinations based on short distance. It is a struggle at short distance without predetermined forms, the purpose of which is to bring the opponent to the ground and make him helpless.