Kombat Silat


Kombat Silat is not a traditional system. It is a Modern Combat system based mainly on  Indonesian, Malay, Filipino and South-East Silat settlements. The Kombat Silat like a martial art is designed for defense against street attacks, single opponents and multiple attacks, and teaches effective strategies against western boxers or fighters.

It does not follow a fixed pattern it mainly uses instinct, in this way it tends more easily to adapt to any type of situation that occurs on the road. Precisely because it is based on instinct and intuition, the Kombat Silat is a very fast path. In the classical courses it takes a long period of training the body to prepare it for the techniques, then it takes a very long phase to acquire the rudimentary techniques, and only after some years of assiduous frequency the student feels more master of his own means of self-defense.

The key word of the Kombat Silat is: IMMEDIATE! The Silat is an evolving system. In fact it is not based only on techniques and moves to be codified, but is mainly based on our natural instinct; on psychology; on prevention; on the management of stress and fear; and on verbal self-defense. The “System” allows us to see results quickly enough to amaze. Based on the instinct of self-defense, that is the survival instinct.

Instinct is something that we all have in ourselves even though it is often repressed by an education that has stigmatized and condemned many of the instinctive characteristics of the personality. In Kombat Silat courses we teach to adapt, and to face reality to survive on the street with the available means. 

In the classical courses it is taught how to behave if a blow comes from the right, if the blow comes from the left … in reality it doesn’t work like that, you don’t even have time to see where it comes from … The Kombat Silat doesn’t just work in the gym, but above all in real life. This is why it is more than effective, it’s deadly! Nowadays, during the fights, you are hit without warning, with heads, fists, elbows and knees in the stomach or genitals.

In addition, to defend ourselves from punches in the face we often find ourselves in front of weapons, knives, bars, chains and bottles and everything gets very complicated. The time is always changing, even personal defense is constantly evolving. 75% of the techniques are carried from a standing position and only 25% of the techniques deal with ground combat. Ground fighting is based on concepts from Harimau (tiger), JKD, Shooto Wrestling, grappling.

The techniques on the ground are devastating and lightning-fast, the intent is to knock the opponent down on the ground ruinously, and get up quickly without ever engaging in a melee fight. Kombat Silat techniques include devastating hand shots and must end with the opponent on the ground each time.

To hit you use hands, elbows, head, fingers, forearms, shoulder, knees, feet etc .. in fact the whole body is used as a weapon. A self-defense course that points to the result. It is not an exercise in style or discipline from ring, it is not a course of techniques to acquire the elegance of the movements or the physical powers. It is a course designed to go to the point of self-defense: the intuitive and instinctive tools that produce immediate results even without training.

a) Kicks of Silat, Muay Thai and from the Filipino Sikaran
b) Projections, sweeps and unbalances
c) Control and locking techniques
d) Joint levers
e) Limb breaking techniques
f) Strangulation and suffocation
g) Pressure techniques and strokes on vital points