– World Champion of KUNG FU in W.T.K.A. Masters category 2007 in Marina di Carrara
– Founder of the “BLACK TIGER TEAM” School
– President of the Amateur Sports Association I.M.A.K.A.
– President of Italy of the Indonesian FPSTI Federation
– Founding Master and Head of the KUNG FU DONG WU XUE
– Founder Master of KOMBAT SILAT (Chino / Indonesian personal defense system
– CSEN National Referent of Pencak Silat
– Diploma of Master Head of the DONG WU XUE style in: PWKA – W.F.C. – W.T.K.A
– Pendekar Diploma from Harimau Singgalang issued directly in Indonesia (Bukittinggi) by Pak Haji Syofyan Nadar.
– Master Silat Harimau Diploma issued by W.F.C. 2011
– Kombat Silat Founder Master Diploma issued by W.F.C. 2014
– Master Shaolin Kung Fu Diploma issued by PWKA 2004
– Tai Chi Master’s Diploma issued by W.F.C. and by the SPORT PADANIA 2008 body
– DONG WU XUE Master Teacher Diploma issued by SPORT PADANIA 2006
– Sanda Instructor Diploma issued by FEDERCOMBAT, April 2000
– Kung Fu Instructor Diploma – Guang Ban Tang Lang, 2009