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We invite everyone to  evaluate carefully how much IMAKA through the Sports Promotion Agency CSEN asks and what it offers in return: first of all it offers the official legal recognition that guarantees companies, technicians and athletes the same rights reserved to the federations adhering to the CONI.

IMAKA intends to investigate with its licensed methods of intelligent movement, of traditional and modern martial systems, related to philosophy, religion, lifestyle and even the art of survival.

At the center of IMAKA’s activity is the study of a man in his multiple forms of expression: sports, movement activities, knowledge of the culture of European and non-European folks in its most varied forms, from the arts, to philosophies, to religions. IMAKA‘s objective is higher level training conducted through the permanent growth of affiliated centers both technically and on a didactic level. The vigilance on the moral integrity of its members also takes place through the formation of a professional register


The IMAKA Martial Arts Sector has as its object the promotion, non-profit, of sporting and cultural initiatives for all those who intend to live the experience of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian and Philippines Martial Arts.

It is an open space to the different cultures and disciplines that make this wonderful world of Martial Arts, as a moment of commitment and personal education, human maturation, both individual and collective, and also programs all those cultural activities related to the growth and improvement of the human being, including that of dealing with the company.

IMAKA aims to carry out the teaching and practice of Martial Arts thanks to the support of instructors, technicians, organizing in addition to the various activities at the gyms with its own associates, including internships of training for students and Instructors / Teachers Training courses.



IMAKA stems from the need to coordinate the various schools both in terms of teaching and organization, in order to succeed in a short time in gaining a highly respected role in the martial arts scene in Italy.

Everything is possible, everything can be achieved, commitment and sound collaboration will be our winning weapons, we have excellent resources at our disposal and a body that guarantees us its support for any eventual initiative of ours.

The Sports Associations that want to collaborate with IMAKA, will find all the answers inherent to the bureaucratic parts, but also and above all, to how to improve the visibility of their own school, of their martial knowledge, and increase their own technical background with innovative methods of personal defense, giving martial arts that warrior flavor .. as well as effective methods for the development of psychophysical potential.

In fact, more and more practitioners are already experts in other fields,disciplines that feel the need to expand their knowledge but above all to give a deeper meaning to their commitment by harmonizing technical knowledge with a more conscious and more mature vision of the overall development of the individual.


a) Further strengthen of the technical level and martial knowledge. IMAKA is aware of the great growth potential of the individual offered by martial practice. It will encourage and participate personally in the definition of a reference cultural framework suited to these potentials and to the role that martial arts can play in collective growth.

b) Giving national voice and visibility to the different local experiences IMAKA will carry out a unitary and organic activity of promotion of the affiliates through different tools: public events, interventions on the sector press, creation of a specific website. The experiences gained at the local level will have a public limelight, immediately at national level, shortly at European level.

c) Organizing the competitive activity IMAKA will organize tournaments and competitions. A great goal will be to train a National Team over time to represent the Italian experience in the European and international context.

d) Certifying the quality level of the IMAKA teaching staff, through a specific national and international Instructor Register, will certify the competence and reliability of the teaching staff through homogeneous and shared criteria.

e) Guaranteeing the insurance and formal coverage of the cardholders IMAKA will turn on an insurance cover for all affiliated institutes and for all members. It will manage any negative eventualities in a timely and reliable manner.

Affiliated companies in CSEN and who will want to collaborate with IMAKA

The companies that intend to advertise their events in our channels will have to send all the information related to the event organized by them.

Each company must be duly enrolled in CSEN for the current year, all students must be in good standing with the registration and have their own card valid for the current year and budopass if they are registered in the federation

  1. IMAKA, in compliance with the principles of the Italian and European Constitutions, is against any racial, religious, political, personal or social discrimination. The Association directs its adherents to mutual respect, tolerance, mutual understanding and support, as many foundations for the overall development of man.
  2. IMAKA has supervision and coordination functions on Martial Arts activities, within which the following disciplines are studied and practiced: martial arts, combat systems, self-defense systems, as well as Eastern and Western psychophysical disciplines, in all their forms and expressions.
  3. It will develop the promotion, dissemination and discipline in the Italian territory of the amateur and educational practice of Martial Arts in all their manifestations, whether they are of a training, educational, competitive, recreational or educational nature.
  4. The development of martial arts and psychophysical disciplines for everyone, favoring the growth of the person, in recognition of the fundamental values ​​of loyalty and respect for the environment.
  5. The organization of courses, lessons, seminars, stages, demonstrations, shows … aimed at promoting its activities.
  6. The implementation of training programs for athletes, technicians, instructors, teachers and professors.
  7. The development of competitive activity.
  8. The selection and preparation of national and international representatives.
  9. The protection of the health and psychophysical integrity of its members.

IMAKA is inspired by the principles of free association, solidarity, democracy, equal opportunities and equality of rights among all members, basing its activities on loyalty and observance of sports principles and rules.

IMAKA aims to practice and publicize amateur sports activities, in particular martial arts and gymnastic-motor activity in its aspects, disciplines and specialties at amateur level, and to this end can hold competitions, tournaments, championships .

It can also set up internal training and training courses, internships and training sessions, participate in sports initiatives and events, produce informative material and carry out any initiative useful for the dissemination and practice of sport.