In the middle of the street, there is no referee who starts a match between the contenders, we do not have all the time necessary to study the opponent and above all we cannot choose the distance at the beginning of the fight as the aggressor will decide the moment, the place and the most congenial situation in which to strike.

In the Kombat Silat, precise and solid basic positions, footwork, angles and the theory of the lever, are applied to weaken the opponent’s structure in order to make his body collapse in a ruinous manner. The Kombat Silat, as its fighting methodology, has specialized mainly in suffocation, holds, sweeps, breaks, blockages, imbalances, knockdowns and projections along very precise angles.

Let’s now analyze some principles on “Breaking the balance”. The principle of “breaking the balance” to the opponent is very important. It consists in closing the distance between us and the possible aggressor and using the “surprise effect” to catch him by surprise, thus destroying both his confidence to overwhelm us and his physical basis of support.

In doing this we must always keep in mind a fundamental concept, the protection of our central area. It is important to understand that our movements both of attack and absorption must be done in such a way as to always protect the central line of our body. Moreover, all the vulnerable points of the body are on this line and this is why this line must be absolutely protected.

Any martial technique that involves knocking, hitting, grabbing and unbalancing the opponent is based on the principle of “breaking the balance”. Moreover, any attack, to be really effective, must always take place after we have broken the physical and / or mental balance (better if both) of the opponent.

In Kombat Silat working on body imbalances is of fundamental importance:

a) allows you to always have the best line to hit and not to be hit

b) gives us the possibility of letting the aggressor surrender with the minimum effort

c) to find the right distance to create “surprises”, to make him fall or lose his balance with right rotation of our body

d) most of the time … the unbalance puts us in a position to avoid “counterattacks” and to be easily hit

e) the imbalance is among all, the best way to bring your attacker to the ground often caused by good motor coordination.

Through the right lines of the body, it allows us not to excessively overload our opponent’s body and to project it without excessive effort. In this phase the objective is to be in a favorable position to avoid being hit, and therefore, to implement (when the aggressor is on the ground) any technique of finalization, whether of percussion or joint lever.

In the Kombat Silat, in addition to knock-down or projection techniques, we also study “techniques of defense against knockdowns or suffered projections”.