Few of the Kombat Silat special characteristics are the classic high guards, and low elongated positions that allow one to quickly counter a possible attack. Kombat Silat art has complex guard techniques, but generally body’s position is lower in order to reduce the gravitation pull and thus enables one to perform self-defence even in short distance attacks such as Pukulan serak. Such position requires a very strong and stable posture.

For example in Silat Harimau, which consists of the positions on the ground, acceleration of the fall is used to dodge the attack and to transit into a fighting posi

tion. In order to be able to swiftly change positions from the ground to standing and vice versa muscles of the abdomen and back must be strong, therefore lot of practise is required. In Kombat Silat systems there always is one invariable guard technique which along with other manoeuvres then can then be combined and adapted based on the nature of the attack.

However, the most important thing is not the analysis of the posture differences, but principles of a proper guard. Posture depends on many things: strength and speed of the fist, the readiness to use the defence techniques, speed and agility of the movement, stability and balance. It is crucial to maintain the right posture as from it depends the application of techniques and overall the effectiveness of the Kombat Silat.

The objective of Kombat Silat is to apply fast and explosive kicks that would leave the opponent completely unarmed and unable to attack or defend. To achieve it properties of an actual combat, such as accuracy, speed, power, coordination and glance are crucial.

Kombat Silat is great for self-defence and improving oneself. Each attack is a combination of kicks therefore, once the opponents guard is open, each of them land on the vulnerable points of the body and results in attacker’s loss of balance.

Kombat Silat combines unusual attacks of combat on the ground, elbows, close fighting, kicks to the cervical vertebrae, as well as teaches how to fight and defend with bare hands or weapons. The incorporation of various techniques allows the trainee to choose the one that is the most applicable in different situations.

One of the main features is that with kicks and punches it is attempted to destroy/break the opponent’s fist, which is similar to Panatukan (dirty boxing). The Kombat Silat practitioner focuses on punches and elbow strikes to the attacker’s knuckles.






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