The Kombat Silat fighting style is composed of techniques such as strangling, levers, kicks, kicks-off the floor and others that allow one to immobilize and bring down the opponents. It focuses not only on the classical techniques but also on attacks from short distance and targets the weak points of the lower body (knees, ankles, etc.). With Kombat Silat one can learn various effective manoeuvres as well as defend even from the sneakiest opponent’s attacks.

Kombat Silat is based on THREE basic principles:

1. Martial Art is in continuous evolution As knowledge about the Kombat Silat widens one’s fighting style changes. In other words, Kombat Silat is not a stagnant style.

2. Integration of the Martial Art In order to improve the fighting style other Martial Arts can be integrated.

3. Effectiveness and aesthetics Powerful technique goes hand in hand with aesthetics of the style. The Kombat silat practitioner’s movements have to be harmonious. Perfection and efficiency has to be achieved in order to master the technique that consists of simple, slick, acute, explosive, rapid and precise steps.

Techniques and themes covered in the course:

Difference between aggressiveness and violence

How to remain calm when facing danger

How to settle a physical conflict

How to set oneself free from different types of handles

Basic principles of defence against punches, kicks or weapons

Handling a situation when threatened with a knife

Defence when on the ground/knocked down

Review one’s skills

Changing the framework of one’s technique

Learn to take responsibility

Understanding what it means to be a victim


1.The main objective when defending or attacking (boxing, kick, levers, throws, knee strikes, disarming, etc.) is to develop an instinctive movement free of restrictions.

2.Defence is usually with bare hands even from weapons such as knives, sarong (skirt), a floor, Karambit, machete, etc. It is important to develop an instinct for outdoor fights using bare hands and attacks with different items.

3.Learning the principles of the Philippine boxing. Philippine boxing envisages various kinds of attacks: from elbow and knee blows to the head, to “dirty” kicks, which are usually considered as not acceptable in fighting sports. With Kombat Silat one can learn to neutralize such attacks.

4.The aim is to immobilize the opponent. First the opponent is forced to the ground, then immobilized by strangulation or breaking the joints.

5.Trainee learns to use bare hands for offense and defence against bare hands, knifes and floor.

6.Learning how to use a stick, the blade, the Karambits or sarongs, and their dynamics. Trainee as well learns how to use these weapons for self-defence or defend from them.

7.Improving one’s fighting technique by learning how to take advantage of opponent’s strength.

8.Usage of various objects: self-defence with such items as newspapers, pens, keys, shoes, scarves, belts, etc.


All our instructors are on the instructor list on the website KOMBAT SILAT ( and in the martial arts sector of the CSEN. Such registration confers a serial number in the recognized Sport Promotion Authority registers and testifies the legality of diplomas of instructor’s degree, given by the Federation, and qualification to teach.

The instructor of the Kombat Silat is professional and competent with good didactic, technical and organizing skills.

Kombat Silat is for anyone who wants to learn a powerful, fast and intuitive martial art style, or improve upon their previous fighting skills.